Head of Business Administration

Head of Business Administration :

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The Business Administration's department at the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences is one of the most important departments of this college; but it seems to be the college itself if we compared it with the other departments in the college in terms of the number of students, tracks emanating from it and the date of incorporation. Because of that we can see the importance of this department within the college, and the need for synergy and all endeavors from the entire college and not only the department in order to develop the department and upgrade it to the place it should be. Moreover, because of the importance of the department, the faculty members are responsible to continue improving and upgrading it to reach for the aspiration of its members, and the college. Also, its impact in the college should be not only in the number of students and tracks, but beyond this to the impact of scientific, research and community. The department's students are also responsible for improving the department in terms of discipline, seriousness, innovation and try to go away from the traditional style of learning. Their goal should be beyond mere success to be influential members of their academic or community environment. Hence, the entire department is responsible in developing the spirit of creativity and innovation among all its students, faculty and staff members. 
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