Executive MBA Program

 Executive MBA Program​ :

Executive MBA Program​ Vision


To achieve entrepreneurship and scientific excellence and to meet the needs of the community in the field of business management.

Executive MBA Program​ Mission


To provide academic environment for high quality education and acquire graduates with knowledge and research and technical skills that enable them to provide services to the community in the field of business and business management with high efficiency.

Executive MBA Program Objectives


  • To prepare leading and managerial cadres with competitive potential with a level of knowledge in the world of money and business.
  • To conduct distinguished and influential researches in the knowledge field of business management.
  • To contribute effectively to community service by building community partnerships and meet business sector requirements by specialized human resources.
  • To acquire graduates the skills to deal with the modern technology methods to keep up with the labor market requirements.
  • To seek to obtain local and international academic accreditations.

Executive MBA Program