Head of Marketing & e-commerce​

الدكتور فتحي الكلابي


Letter of the department Cheif

On behalf of myself and my colleagues from the marketing and Electronic Commerce Department, I want to thank and welcome all visitors and I hope that you will find the information you need regarding the vision, the mission, the objectives and the curriculum study plan of the department. Again, I want to fully assure you that all the teaching staff in the department are proud to serve you and to answer your requests during their office hours in the college.

Marketing is nowadays considered as one of the most important branch in management sciences. It responds to the need of firms to interact with economic, social and technological environments, and to create close ties with customers. Marketing is a global science that consist of many streams such as consumer behavior studies, advertisement, distribution channel management, electronic marketing, international marketing and so on.

The Marketing and Electronic Commerce department is one of pioneers in the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences. Our main objective is to achieve a high standard of teaching and learning and to provide labor market with qualified work force. The department is also aiming at providing societal services such as training courses and consultations to surrounding organizations.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that all our current and future achievements could not have been accomplished without the help of God and thanks to a scientific and pedagogical system in the college and the university that encourages us to go forward for the welfare of all.  

Dr. Fethi KLABI

Head of the department of Marketing and E-commerce