Bachelor of Marketing and e-Commerce Program

Program​ Information:


Name and code of the program 

Bachelor of Marketing (TSAQ)

Degree Awarded


Date of commencement



Program Learning Outcomes


  • Students will have a sound knowledge of the main concepts and theories of marketing
  • Students will be well familiar with concepts and general theories in administration, finance, accounting, human resources and economic sciences.
  • Students will able be to quote latest evolution in marketing theories and practice
  • Students will be able to make mention of the legal and ethical rules in business and marketing fields

Cognitive Skills

  • Students will recognize marketing dimensions and issues related to consumers’ and organizations’ behaviors
  • Students will be able to conduct researches in order to solve marketing related issues
  • Students will apply knowledge and skills obtained in the fields of marketing
  • Students will develop a market-oriented way of thinking in order to deal with environmental changes

Interpersonal Skills & Responsibility

  • Students will be able to work within group as leaders or members
  • Students will be able to innovate in order to solve marketing issues individually or in groups
  • Students will show an behaviors in compliance with ethics when conducting marketing operations and interacting with others
  • Students will use and apply knowledge in self education and professional development

Communication, Information Technology, Numerical

  • Students will be able to use computers and all information technology devices in a familiar way
  • Students will specify statistical methods and procedures when studying marketing cases
  • Students will interact efficiently with others using appropriate tools