Vision, Mission and Objectives

Department Vision:

The Department of Law aspires to be influential at the regional level in the field of education, scientific research and community service in the field of law, sufficiently to achieve the vision of the college and the university.

Department Mission:

Preparing outstanding leadership cadres in accordance with international standards, carrying out scientific research.

 Program Objectives:

  1. Provide students with the basics and concepts that underlie the legal function and theories of legal thought and modern trends
  2. Preparing legal and leadership cadres with a competitive ability and a knowledge level in the field of law
  3. Enrichment of legal thought and the development of legal cultural knowledge through the activities of the members of the Department of research and studies and what they mean from specialized seminars and conferences
  4. Enhancing the students' skills in connecting theoretical reality to practical reality through applied research and legal training
  5. Conducting distinguished and influential research in the field of law
  6. Seeking academic, local and international accreditation