Bachelor's Degree in Law

Bachelor's Degree in Law


Preparing and qualifying the legal student in order to keep abreast of the modern and useful development of the community partnership by developing the law department to become the pioneer in the national governmental and private colleges, some of which provide academic education in various fields of law and its branches.

The Mission:

To strive to build and develop the student legally, through the acquired skills and knowledge of theory and practice in the various disciplines of law and the rehabilitation of cadres capable of carrying out legal actions in their multiple paths.


  1. Qualifying and preparing competencies capable of working in the legal fields needed by state agencies and the private sector.
  2. Teaching modern legal sciences and comparing them to what enables the student to open his knowledge and take advanced experiments
  3. Know the concept of judicial control of organized agreements, execute orders in time, issue protection orders, and special powers in the case of leasing, buying and selling.
  4. Know the concerns about human rights and the responsibilities of companies in the management of international business.
  5. Creating a community partnership between law professors in the department and students with the regulatory, executive and judicial authorities, and achieving the university's goal of serving the society and upgrading it.
  6. Building bridges of constructive cooperation and communication knowledge and science between the department and those interested in studies in the specialization of law with their counterparts inside and outside the Kingdom.
  7. Encouraging research and scientific production in all areas of law for the development of culture and legal awareness in the Kingdom.