Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our vision:

“Reaching Regional and global leadership in the administrative and financial disciplines to achieve excellence in research and knowledge and the contribution effectively in community service to get high quality and competitiveness in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030”.


Our Mission:
“Providing an attractive academic and research environment for the preparation of distinguished leaders with specialized knowledge in the field of finance and business to meet the the labor market needs and community service through the optimal use of technology”.


Our Goals:

1- Developing an interactive and innovative learning based on clear learning outcomes and specific evaluation principles.

2- Rehabilitation and development of faculty members and attracting distinguished ones.

3- Improving the University Ranking Locally and Internationnally.

4- Diversifying  the fields of education related to graduate studies and scientific research.

5- Reinforcing the Financial Sources through the design of programs meeting the labor market need, benefit from local and International grants. 

6- Contributing to the community service.



  • Department of Business Administration three tracks (Business Administration, Finance, Human Resource Management).
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Department of Management Information Systems.
  • Department of Marketing and e-commerce.
  • law Department.
Research Centers:


  • Corporate Governance Center.
  • Center for Administrative and Financial Studies (under establishment).
  • Research Center

Scientific Conferences:

The College presented many international conferences and seminars as follows:

  • E-commerce seminar.
  • Saudi Stock Market Seminar: A Look at the Future.
  • First World Conference on Corporate Governance.
  • Conference of Actuarial Studies.
  • Symposium on Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Seminar on Economics and Knowledge.