Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives :

About :

The Development and Quality Agency is part of the organizational structure of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences at King Khalid University. The College Agency for Development and Quality is a newly established agency in the College. It was established in 1435 AH and was previously a unit of the College Agency under the name of Development and Quality Unit. The Agency oversees all activities, activities and applications that will achieve the quality and development standards of the college and meet the requirements of the General Authority for the Development of Education.


The Agency should contribute to the achievement of quality standards and development plans with its strategic dimension and to take the lead in academic appropriations locally and regionally for all the college programs Quality standards in general and access to local and international credits for all programs offered by the College.

Message :

Commitment to the achievement of quality standards and academic accreditation for financial and administrative programs at all levels, local, regional and international levels to achieve the strategic dimension of Vision 2030. Performance improvement processes in all units of the college, as well as management of the process of obtaining academic credits for all academic programs and follow-up implementation of the strategic plan of the College.

Objectives :

The Agency aims to achieve its vision and mission in development and quality through the following specific objectives:

  • Disseminate, document, and document the culture of quality in the college through the issuance of studies, brochures, leaflets, seminars, lectures and workshops in accordance with the mission, vision and goals of the college in order to improve performance.

  • To explore the experiences of graduates and their opinions as one of the outputs of the college in order to develop the performance of academic work in the light of quality and accreditation standards.

  • To analyze and analyze the views of the community organizations benefiting from the college's outputs to contribute to the realization of the principle of community partnership that is beneficial in the development of these outputs in the future.

  • Continuing follow-up of the activities of the College units for the purpose of collecting data and preparing annual reports on the activities of the College and its outputs in accordance with the quality standards and academic accreditation that will contribute to the preparation of performance measures and indicators for those units.

  • Contribute to the preparation of the draft strategic plan for the college and its units and provide information on developments related to quality assurance and accreditation.