Head of Development and Quality Unit

Head of Development and Quality Unit :

The Development and Quality Unit is one of the main pillars of the college, it has an effective role in achieving the vision and mission of the college and then the university through the application of quality standards in educational programs. The unit's responsibility is to reach a certain level of quality in comparison to international programs, and to progressively improve this level by developing educational programs, teaching methods and equipment to keep pace with the global development, while serving the student in the first place.
Where the unit believes in the importance of academic accreditation and its impact on the outputs of the college through the excellence of students, scientific research and community service. The unit is moving steadily towards achieving program accreditation for all its programs. The result of this is to work hard and obtain the accreditation of the Business Administration program in the next few months.
There is no doubt that the achievements of our College have been the result of a continuous effort by faculty and staff members. The Unit is endeavoring to continue to make more efforts in the interests of the College, the University and its members.