Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Vice Dean for Development and Quality:

Vice-Dean's message:

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon the master of the Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions. The building of modern society requires us to pay attention to the construction of the knowledge of society and the quality of its provider and its recipients, which is considered the most important important pillars of higher education. Over the past two decades, higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have witnessed qualitative leaps in the quality of higher education output and accreditation standards. Accreditation in higher education has been closely linked to the principles of Quality Management Quality, which seem to be intertwined in their content and outputs. The idea of ​​dependence is also interrelated with other concepts that may seem parallel to it, such as the recognition of certificates or licenses to practice the profession. However, the Supreme Directives for the establishment of an independent institution of influence that performs the functions of quality and accreditation applications in institutions of higher education under the name of "National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment", which was then transferred to the General Authority for the Development of Education has created a qualitative leap in the advancement of programs of educational institutions in general And universities in particular. As the faculties of business constitute an important element in the higher education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of the development of the administrative, organizational, economic, financial and field applications, the process of ascertaining the existence of these programs and their competitiveness in local and regional academic accreditation Challenges and requirements of the labor market. Since the creation of the Development and Quality Agency in 1435, the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences has established the concepts and culture of quality among employees in all its administrative and academic units starting with the ISO certificate of 2015 and the decision of the Ministry of Education and the Education Development Authority to select the Bachelor of Business Administration program to be among the five programs at King Khalid University Will be adopted as a program. The Development and Quality Agency of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences has taken its five modules: Development and Quality Unit - E-Learning Unit - Alumni Unit - Cooperative Training Unit - Excellence and Excellence Unit - Achieving all quality and accreditation requirements and measuring its indicators on the outputs of the college programs in line with market requirements. Work and Vision Vision 2030.

Dr. Hussein Mohammed Al Obaid
Vice Dean for Development and Quality
Office Phone: 0172417573