Graduate studies and research committee

Tasks of the Graduate Studies and Research Committee:

  • ​Encourage enrollment in graduate studies of graduates of local universities.
  • Encourage admission to graduate studies according to the regulations.
  • To develop and develop the capacity of faculty and supporting staff in the field of postgraduate studies at the college level.
  • Follow up the progress of graduate studies and study at the college level.
  • Develop a system for monitoring, documenting and disseminating scientific research data and participating in conferences.
  • Establishing and updating the database of researches and projects published by faculty members and updating them in all departments of the faculty.
  • Encouraging scientific publication in scientific journals with a global classification.
  • Follow up the announcement of the research list of faculty members on the College's website and update it annually.
  • Evaluation of current graduate programs for all scientific departments on a regular basis.
  • To carry out the tasks assigned to it by the College Council.
  • Registration of current and completed research projects in all departments of the college and follow up the announcement of their names on the College's website and its return on community service.
  • To develop a list of the supervisors of the faculty members on the letters and their number, taking into account the international ratios in this regard.
  • Conducting an annual evaluation of scientific research projects in all departments of the college and submitting recommendations to the College Council.