Dean's words

The Deans' Message:

This college was established in the first beginnings of university education in the southern region and is thus the first administrative sciences college in the region. From this time on, the College has taken upon itself the development of administrative, financial and commercial education in the Kingdom in general and in the region in particular, where thousands of students graduated today, leading positions in various public and private organizations. Thus, the College is considered one of the largest faculties of the university in terms of its students and faculty members, and includes five scientific sections and a set of academic programs for the bachelor's and master's degree.

The College is embarking on its vision to achieve leadership at the local, regional and international levels in the field of administrative and financial sciences. In its mission, the College seeks to develop distinguished competencies in giving and creativity in the fields of specialization, enriching innovative scientific research, contributing to the service of society and building excellent community partnerships. Therefore, the College seeks to raise the quality of its educational outputs in line with international standards in education and the requirements of the labor market. The College has started the process of academic accreditation and is now seeking NCAAA for its academic programs.

Dr. Faiz Awad bin Zafrah

Dean of the College of Business

Office Tel. 966 17 2418579