Head of Accounting


Khaled Maqboub Hussain Al Sakb
E-mail: kmhossyan@kku.edu.sa


Office Phone: 0172417449

In the name of God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah .....

Accounting is the language of business, which has become increasingly important as a result of the intensification of competition in the world, and is indispensable in the public and private sectors and the government sector and service. The Department of Accounting at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at King Khalid University is characterized by the presence of many scientific human cadres graduated from prestigious international universities, foreign and Arab, which makes the section with different intellectual schools. The department offers a bachelor's degree in accounting by the scientific constellation, which is characterized by the graduation of students who are qualified scientifically and practically in the field of accounting and auditing to work in various bodies. The department also offers a master's program in accounting that serves the students of the region and achieves their scientific and practical ambitions. The Department also seeks to establish several programs in postgraduate studies of higher diplomas, master's degree, master's degree in accounting, finance and doctorate in accounting, which opens the way for the people of the region to promote academic education and career advancement. In order to improve and develop graduates of the region and contribute to the service of society and help in achieving sustainable development that serves the region and the nation.