About the department

About the department :

Management Information Systems


Recently, Management Information Systems (MIS) has become one of the most sought disciplines in the labor market of both private and government sectors. Management Information System specialists have the ability to master both Management and Information Technology Sciences. Gaining such knowledge will help them to develop Information Systems for organizations with high efficiency to achieve their objectives and requirements. 

On 3/7/1429 H, the Supreme Decree issued an approval NO.5150 to establish the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences (currently College of Business) in order to expand King Khalid University’s functional areas based on the recommendation made by the Higher Education Council. The Department of Management Information Systems is one of the departments of the College. As the home of business students, the department is planning to establish itself as one of the leading Business disciplines in the country within the next few years. The Department already developed strong connection with executives of multinationals and large group of companies to share the practical knowledge with students.

Currently the department  offers Bachelor of Management Information Systems degree. Students need to complete 127 credits in 4 years tenure to achieve the degree. The Bachelor Program aims to provide students with generic skills, business education and information systems’ knowledge for their personal and professional development so as to enable them to undertake further studies in Business and Information Systems and to meet the challenges and requirements of the workplace at professional level locally and internationally. It develops their potential, written and oral communication skills, leadership and perceptive on core functional business components and information systems. This curriculum aims to offer student academic awareness to unravel real-life problems through teamwork within the context of a lively learning surroundings and facilitate them to face the future with self-belief and strength of mind.