Master of Accounting

Master of Accounting


Due to the importance of accounting science as a science of commercial and administrative sciences that are important in the fields of government and private work and to complement the Bachelor of Accounting program offered by the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the University, this program is to assist accountants wishing to pursue their graduate studies to obtain a master's degree in accounting in preparation for obtaining a PhD .
The program aims at creating an environment conducive to academic interaction, keeping abreast of the scientific and technical development, and working to provide the local and regional market with qualified leadership cadres by attracting distinguished scientific staff from the faculty members and outstanding students to obtain a master's degree in accounting from the accounting department in developing scientific research and preparing qualified graduates Who are able to enter the labor market with high competitive skill and contribute to sustainable development in the Kingdom.
The program is based on a four-semester theoretical study, passing the comprehensive test after the end of the fourth semester and submitting a research paper as a supplementary part of the Master's degree.

Vision, mission and goals


We look forward to be a leading and competitive program in higher education at the local and regional levels. And to be integrated in providing the appropriate accounting knowledge in both its scientific and professional aspects, with a focus on the theoretical philosophy and the research aspects of accounting in its various specialized branches and other fields of knowledge support and related.

The message:

Offering a Master's degree in Accounting with high quality is the graduate to complete graduate studies in accounting. And effective competition over a wide range of accounting functions, especially in educational institutions. Thus contributing effectively to inclusive national development.


1. Support and develop scientific research in accounting in light of internal and international variables and search for solutions to the problems of application in accounting.
2. To ensure the provision of programs of high quality and excellence under the direct supervision of the Department, to provide streams of scholarship and the service of comprehensive national development.
3. Qualifying the student to continue his graduate studies towards a doctorate in accounting successfully.

Admission Requirements:

1. The student must have a bachelor's degree in accounting from a university recognized regularly.
2. At least the general grade in the bachelor's degree is not very good.
3. The student must have a score of not less than 400 in TOEFL or equivalent.
4. Pass the written acceptance test, and interview if any.

Study language:

English is the basic language in teaching, seminars, examinations, research and all communication affairs during the program. In very specific cases there may be some references in Arabic only if there is no alternative in English.

Graduation Requirements:

1. Completion of 42 successfully accredited units, of which 36 are mandatory and six are elective.

Beneficiaries of the program:

All accountants who work in government, civil and private institutions who wish to develop their skills and raise their professional levels, for example:
• Accountants working in ministries, institutions and government bodies such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Capital Market Authority, the Investment Authority and private and charitable institutions.
• Accountants working in private sector institutions such as bank employees, joint stock companies, insurance companies, hotels and hospitals.
• Graduate students who have not been successful in obtaining jobs.
• Individuals who have a desire to complete a doctorate degree in accounting.

Available resources:

The department has classrooms equipped with the latest technological methods for the teaching process of this program in addition to the level of e-learning high and the section is linked to a global university programs and the method of work annually as well as visiting professors quarterly and is available to faculty members distinguished scientific and research and currently available research tracks specialized in The section is as follows:
International Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Islamic Banking and Auditing.

Program Details:

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