Professional Master's Program in Accounting



    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a huge economic boom, which has led to increasing the needs of large economic sectors to the professional qualifications specialized in accounting. This program is part of the university programs aimed at keeping pace with the rapid growth of the business sector and services in the Kingdom and extending its efforts to play an important role in human development. The need for a professional master's program to cope with this development in the Kingdom's economic structure, and meet the needs of the public and private sectors of qualified human resources qualified scientifically and practically in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation and related decisions.
     The program also helps to raise the efficiency of applicants in terms of theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply skillfully and the extent of awareness of the professional responsibility and behavioral qualities to be demonstrated, which qualifies them to pass the test of the fellowship of the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants held by the Commission. In addition to obtaining the student at the end of the program a master's degree Professional as a certified scientific degree from a university that strives towards progress in the field of scientific research and community service. The program is a detailed and flexible evening program that takes into consideration the conditions of the students who work in the morning, enabling them to join the program.



We look forward to be a leading and competitive program in higher education at the local and regional levels. And to be distinguished in providing appropriate accounting knowledge in its application and professional and in its various specialized branches and other fields of knowledge support and related.



The message :
Offering a Master's degree in Accounting with high quality is the graduate of the profession of accounting profession. And effective competition over a wide range of leading accounting functions in all types of economic institutions. Thus contributing effectively to inclusive national development.



Program Goals
1 - Prepare a professional graduate specialized in accounting both intellectual and applied to enable him in the future to practice the profession of accounting and auditing with confidence and competence.

2- To contribute to filling the shortage of qualified Saudi accountants in the labor market both in government agencies and in the private sector in light of the current economic and social developments.

3 - open the way for those wishing to deepen the study of accounting from the owners of other disciplines who found after the practical experience that accounting is their professional choice.

4- Supporting the research capabilities of the program participants to prepare applied researches that contribute to solving the problems of accounting in the Saudi society through the message.

 5 - Qualifying the student to pass the Saudi accounting fellowship and develop his skills in all areas related to other accounting fellowship tests.



Areas of career
 A Master's degree in accounting helps to work in many areas including:

1 - practicing the profession of accounting and auditing independently or through work in the auditing offices that practice the profession by helping to obtain the Saudi fellowship in accounting.

2 - Doing financial consulting, feasibility studies and economic evaluation of projects.

3 - Working in the sections of financial accounts in the public and private sectors.

4 - Work in the field of technical and vocational education and the preparation of training courses in the field of accounting

5- To carry out the Zakat and Taxation works at Zakat and Income Tax Authority.

6- Working in the governmental control bodies such as the General Auditing Bureau, the Capital Market Authority and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

7. Provide students with the opportunity to work in various other activities such as stores, purchases, sales, training, wages, pensions and statistics in all institutions.



Beneficiaries of the program
All accountants who work in government, civil and private institutions who wish to develop their skills and raise their professional levels, for example:

Accountants who have a desire to obtain Saudi fellowship in accounting.

Accountants working in ministries, institutions and government bodies such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Capital Market Authority, the Investment Authority, and private and charitable institutions.

Accountants working in private sector institutions such as bank employees, joint stock companies, insurance companies, hotels and hospitals.

Graduate students who have not been successful in getting jobs.



Available resources
The department has classrooms equipped with the latest technology for the teaching process of this program in addition to the level of e-learning high and the section is linked to a global university to evaluate its programs and its work and is available to faculty members distinguished scientific and research as well as visiting professors quarterly and currently available research tracks specialized in the section International Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Auditing.



Admission requirements
Obtain a bachelor's degree in the discipline of accounting from a Saudi university or from another recognized university with a good grade of at least high. Students may be admitted from other disciplines according to articles (17) and (18) of the list of graduate studies and preference for those with practical experience in one of the fields Accounting, in addition to passing the personal interview or written test, if any.



Requirements for obtaining a master's degree
The degree required to complete (43) units of study distributed as follows

(40) compulsory study units and (3) optional modules.


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