Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting



We look forward to being a leading and competitive program in university accounting education at the local and international levels. And be integrated in providing the appropriate accounting knowledge in its scientific and professional aspects and in its various specialized branches and other fields of knowledge supporting and related.


The message:
Providing a bachelor's program in accounting with high quality is the graduate of lifelong learning and professional accounting profession. And effective competition over a wide range of accounting functions in all types of economic institutions. Thus contributing effectively to inclusive national development.


Program Goals:
The Bachelor's degree in Accounting seeks to be up-to-date with the latest developments. Through a sound and integrated academic structure of knowledge. With a good balance between breadth and depth, and between theory and practice. The program is designed to meet the Kingdom's accounting challenges and needs. And reach the level of international academic standards by conforming to local and international accreditation requirements. The objectives of the program can be summarized as follows:

1. Provide the graduate with the latest technical knowledge and comprehensive skills required in the labor market, which will in turn provide a wide range of professional options.

2 - Building a solid educational foundation for the graduate to facilitate lifelong learning. And ensures its continued success in the performance of its function. It can overcome the challenges it may face.

3 - Follow the modern and comprehensive method of teaching and learning and the use of effective evaluation mechanisms.

4. Provide graduates with personal skills. Communication skills and analysis. And problem-solving skills needed to succeed in their job performance. And to develop their future capabilities to contribute efficiently and effectively to the collective working environment.

5 - Contributing to the graduation of self-confident professional accountants. And able to express and defend their ideas. More open and receptive to the ideas of others. They work according to a systematic system. They have sensitivity to the surrounding economic and non-economic factors. They also enjoy ethics and responsibility in all areas of their business.



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