About the College:

About College:

The College of Business was established to expand the utilization of King Khalid University on the recommendation of the Higher Education Council in its resolution No. (24/49 / 1429H) establishing the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences of King Khalid University. In order to play its role in preparing qualified cadres from the Asir region in specializations that are still characterized by scarcity and the need for the labor market. The College includes the following scientific departments:

  1. Department of Business Administration

  2. Accounting department

  3. Department of Management Information Systems

  4. Marketing and e-commerce department

  5. Law Section

Then, the Minister of Education issued the approval in 2018 of changing the name of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at King Khalid University to the Business School, which accurately reflects the college curriculum and direction and is in full conformity with the names of the world colleges similar to the BusinessCollege. This comes in the framework of continuous research and development to serve the student and achieve the objectives Desired by the University. In addition, the change of name, after studying the new concepts will be, and the work of diligence and integration between the college and the student is the most important and only achieve the desired success. The College is currently working on the preparation of a new strategic plan to keep abreast of changes and new developments in the world of business and to achieve the ambitious vision of this great nation.

.Then a recent decision was issued to amend the name of the college to the College of Business.


Our vision:

“Reaching Regional and global leadership in the administrative and financial disciplines to achieve excellence in research and knowledge and the contribution effectively in community service to get high quality and competitiveness in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030”.

Our Mission:

“Providing an attractive academic and research environment for the preparation of distinguished leaders with specialized knowledge in the field of finance and business to meet the the labor market needs and community service through the optimal use of technology”.

Our Goals:

1- Developing an interactive and innovative learning based on clear learning outcomes and specific evaluation principles.
2- Rehabilitation and development of faculty members and attracting distinguished ones.
3- Improving the University Ranking Locally and Internationnally.
4- Diversifying  the fields of education related to graduate studies and scientific research.
5- Reinforcing the Financial Sources through the design of programs meeting the labor market need, benefit from local and International grants. 
6- Contributing to the community service.

The College organizational structure:
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The strategic plan:

The progress of countries and their peoples depends on the efficiency and development of their human resources. Higher education is one of the most important means of preparing human resources. This is a strategic investment for each country. Through higher education programs, each country can meet the needs of the labor force and skilled hands required by the labor market and needs. National development.

Higher education around the world is witnessing many changes, transformations and challenges required by modern technological, informational and cultural developments. In recent years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable interest in higher education, coupled with the unlimited financial support of its good government. This has been achieved through the construction of many universities in order to increase the number of graduates of general education and their absorption, , Which was the establishment of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, and the development of a strategic plan for the future of university education in the Kingdom "Project Horizons"