About the Department:

About the Department:

The Department of Business Administration is one of the departments that is interested in teaching and developing the administrative sciences related to the business activity in all its sections, which includes a constellation of outstanding faculty members in administrative, financial, economic and human resources sciences. The department was established as one of the departments of "College of Administrative and Financial Sciences" after the separation of this college from the mother college "College of Arabic Language and Social and Administrative Sciences", a new name has been developed to suit the requirements of the development of these sciences at the regional and international levels. The department has three main tracks which are:-
•           Business Administration- Business Administration Track
•           Business Administration - Finance Track
•           Business Administration - Human Resources Track.

 The department has contributed over a period of more than thirty five years (Since its establishment as the Department of Administrative Sciences within the College of Arabic Language and Social and Administrative Sciences) in the development and support of many governmental and private sectors. The department has been supporting many sectors with qualified and trained outputs as required by the labor market need, or through training and development courses for those sectors. Because of its various programs more than twenty parties in the private and public sectors have benefited. Since then, the department has sought to expand, Where the approval of the General on the opening of three new tracks in the department began to welcome students at the beginning of the academic year 1432/1433 H, in conjunction with the opening of specialization in marketing and e-commerce and specialization of Management information systems and specialization of law.

 We ask Allah Almighty to fulfill all the aspirations of the staff in the department to carry out developmental responsibilities in the business administration sector to the fullest extent, and that the department is able to meet the needs of the labor market of the national competencies capable of global competitiveness.

 Prayers and peace and greetings be upon the most noble of the prophets and messengers Mohammed bin Abdullah and upon his family and companions.


يتطلع قسم إدارة الاعمال لان يكون مؤثراً، على المستوى الأقليمي، في مجال التعليم والبحث وخدمة المجتمع في تخصص إدارة الأعمال بما يسهم في تحقيق رؤية الكلية.


إعداد كوادر قيادية متميزة وفقاً لمعايير دولية، واجراء بحوث علمية  في مجال المعرفة، وبناء شراكة مجتمعية فاعلة مع بيئة الاعمال المحلية.

أهداف القسم:
  1. إعداد كوادر إدارية وقيادية ذات قدرة تنافسية ذو مستوى معرفي في عالم المال والاعمال.​
  2. إجراء بحوث متميزة ومؤثرة في المجال المعرفي لإدارة الاعمال.​
  3. المساهمة الفاعلة في خدمة المجتمع من خلال بناء شراكات مجتمعية وتلبية متطلبات  قطاع الاعمال من الموارد البشرية المتخصصة.​
  4. إكساب الخريج مهارات التعامل مع أساليب التقنية الحديثة لمواكبة متطلبات سوق العمل.​
  5. العمل على الحصول على الاعتمادات الاكاديمية المحلية والدولية.
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