Head of the Dept. "Female"

Head of the Department - Female Section:

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. All thanks to Allah, the lord of both worlds, and may prayers and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad and upon his companions, May Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessing be upon you. 
On behalf of myself and my colleagues in the Business Administration Department at the College of Business, I am glad to welcome you to the department's page with its new vision.
The Department of Business Administration aims to become a source of knowledge, qualitative learning and innovation in business and administration. Following the approach of applied learning and work in an environment that supports work, group learning and intellectual stimulation by providing quality educational services, community service and scientific research.
  The Department of Business Administration is proud of its pioneering role in developing its programs, educational curricula, and faculty members in line with approved international standards. The department offers several modern courses that qualify its graduates for the labour market in the best possible way such as business administration or human resources management or financial management, in addition to postgraduate studies in the department. The department launched three distinct programs: the academic and executive MBA programs and the doctoral program in business administration; This is based on King Khalid University's endeavour to achieve its ambitious mission of development, leadership, and excellence in university education.
Finally, I hope this site will enrich visitors with valuable and helpful information about the Department of Business Administration, its members, programs, and academic and research activities. We appreciate your visit to our department's electronic portal and welcome any inquiries or remarks.
Dr. Fatimah Mohamed Mahdy
Head of the Business Administration Department - Female Section